PaperIt is free. Just click here to download it and run it!

Supported operating systems

All Windows versions from Win95 onwards are supported.

How to run the downloaded file

There is no installer for PaperIt, the file you download is the PaperIt program. No installer = no hassle!

Some steps to help you get up and running

  • Click the download link above to download PaperIt.exe. That file is quite small and should download quickly.
  • Open the folder where PaperIt.exe download to.
  • Copy that file into a folder that will be it's new home. This could be e.g. C:\Program Files\PaperIt\
  • Now just double click the file to run. That's it!
  • Note: If you want this program to run every time you start your computer, tick the appropriate option on the settings tab.