The simplest of desktop wallpaper managers...

PaperIt is the easiest Windows desktop wallpaper manager you could imagine. If you like to change your desktop wallpaper frequently, then you need this program. Just download the file and run it! There is no installation or any other files required.
Note: This program will not save it's settings to your machine so you can run it from a USB stick on any Windows computer.

Supported Monitors?

Whether you have a laptop, a single desktop monitor or two or more monitors this program supports them all. Support for unlimited monitors means you can have a different image on each monitor. If you want more control over your desktop backgounds, try PaperIt now.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Supports any size of image.
  • Supports any version of Windows.
  • Run it on one through to unlimited monitors.
  • Intelligently reduces the size of multiple desktop images.